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Learn how to setup modern marketing processes and tools for your small business.

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A repository of how to resources. Posts feature lists and reviews of resources for how to do online marketing tasks. You see a range of options for tasks, gain perspective to build a better long term marketing strategy.

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We’ve kept things simple for you. All of our content is right here. Bookmark our site or follow us via RSS feed to stay up to date with our latest content.

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Please ask questions directly on our blog posts in the comments. We’ll answer within 24 hours and the thread provides a long term reference for future use.

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We follow a specific strategy aligned to WordPress. From time to time we’ll discuss the reasons for it in greater detail within our blog.  If you love WordPress, you’re in the right place.

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This site is intended as a resource for modern marketing strategy.  Please contact us via the comments fields on any of our blog posts.